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Dusty Rich the artist has recently returned to Earth. It's not known where he was before. He returned to Earth in the country South Africa through the womb of a woman. He now keeps his things on the East Coast of Australia in a human-run settlement known as Brisbane. 

Versed in multiple art disciplines but prefers the speed and noxious fumes of aerosol spray cans. Creating pieces that are sharper than the corner of a lego block on bare feet, louder than a metal band playing on your earlobe and more vibrant than a newly discovered constellation. Just like his personality. 

Exhibiting his work from A solar system to a gallery or wall near you.

Dusty's art style is asiluebcoayurlbfiuq4259812-3788safddfg0svnlkjsdbv/..,,. But you can see that. 

Dusty will paint on anything that stays still for long enough, canvas, walls, wood, beer cans, skateboards, people waiting for a bus...anything. 

Dusty is currently working in his next exhibition, he's always doing that, forever.


You can see the next exhibition information. Here

Go to the shop to buy original Dusty Rich art. He might just be the next greatest thing in the art world. He might not be. But those are 50/50 odds, you wanna take that bet? Go buy something, you coward! 

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