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As you're probably aware I am a comedian, and an artist.

I've been drawing my income gratefully from stand-up comedy for 12 years. Well for 10 years, the last two years have been...f*cked! You're also probably aware of this little global pandemic going around, it's really put a a complete halt on my comedy career. I know what you're thinking "just get another job", and I'll agree that's a good idea, except there is a bit of a gap in the CV there. Not sure professional "dick joke salesman" is going to land me the corner office.


Thankfully I am also an artist and I have art for sale, so if you can use all that money you earned making the right career choices, not even knowing a global pandemic would shut your career down, that would be incredible. 

That good old cashola would be used to keep me going until I can get out onto the stages again, get some more supplies for some more art or even feed my child soon to be born. 

I know right, I'm amazing at timing.


But in my defense I really thought a career in live entertainment would be safe in the event of a universal health crisis. I mean sh*t there is even a well know anecdote for it.

Laughter is the best medicine. 

So help an artist out. You're probably stuck at home anyway might as well have something to look at while you're staring at the walls. Thank you.



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