I am doing a 7 day auction of an artwork I created for the #BLM movement.

This is the video of that artwork.

It will be live on ebay tomorrow, Friday 12 June 2020 at 4:37pm (AEST)

I will post the link when it goes live.


The piece is titled "#BLM"

71cm X 61cm X4.5cm 5.5kg

Aerosol on various woods.


100% of the final sale price will be divided between three organizations.

The USA - Black Table Arts -

Australia - Gunya Meta Inc -

South Africa - The Nelson Mandela Foundation -


I will check in now and then to let you know how the auction is going. I'll live stream the end of the auction Friday 19 June 4:37pm (AEST). I will also live stream the depositing of the funds into the three organizations.


If you can't make a bid for the artwork, please consider donating to an organization that works to ensure equal rights and the advancement of black communities.

At very least please share this video.


Thanks for reading and watching

Please be generous

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