You know how my title says "Comedian + Artist".

Well, don't know if you've heard but there's this global pandemic happening and it has completely wiped out the first bit of that title.


So, I need to sling some art. Real quick.


I'm having an art sale  25% off original art. 

The prints and stickers are the same prices but those are cheap already so buy some why don't ya!

Thank you for supporting me during these weird weird times. Stay safe out there.

Dusty Rich


PS: If live stand-up comedy ever becomes a thing again prices will go back to normal so take advantage of the pandemic while you can. If ya don't get one, no stress I'm making more. 


Chaos wrapped in skin. You have to see Dusty Rich LIVE. Click on the link to find out all things DUSTY RICH COMEDY


Aerosol to wood to canvas Dusty Rich spits paint and breaths spray cans! Click the link to see all things DUSTY RICH ART


Hey you got some money? Well spend that sh*t! Click the link for all the shiny things DUSTY RICH SELLS

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