Watch your toes and your Ho's Stabby Crabby the Coolangatta Crab Gangsta will steal your girl and stab you somewhere in the ankle or foot region. 


Full glorious colour Vinyl Sticker finished in a sultry matte UV resistant finish. 


Perfect for your car, laptop, window or forehead. 


Size: 105 X 120 mm


Stabby Crabby Sticker

  • It costs a sh*t load to ship a tiny little sticker so buy a pack of em why don't ya!

    Or you can pay the regular shipping fee of AU$ 8.95 (in Australia) or the speedy express shipping fee of AU$ 11.95 

    I mean that takes the sticker to the huge price of over $10 WTF just buy a pack.

    link to pack>>>


  • Unfortunately no international shipping yet. I'm working out the costs right now but at AU$ 88.00 for delivery is fakin insane! 

    I'll figure it out. 

    But if ya desperate DM me and I'll make a plan.