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PEST CONTROL is the first solo exhibition from Dusty Rich. A three day event held at the world famous PINK HOTEL!

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Dusty Rich the artist. South African spawned and currently lving and creating in West End, Brisbane, Australia. 

Versed in multiple art disciplines but prefers the speed an noxious fumes of aerosol. Creating pieces that are sharp, loud and vibrant. Just like his personality. 

Currently working on his first solo exhibition with works ranging from violent delights to massive cockroaches on 2m tall canvas. 

Dusty's art style is clean lines, bold saturated colours and large format canvases. 

His canvases range from traditional stretched cotton, to disgarded surf boards, skateboards, old doors and furniture. 

A few pieces in the workls are large 3D panels of wood in vibrant plastic color, cut out and shaped on a band saw then hand painted. 

You can see current works in the gallery below and purchase some finished works in the "SHOP"

The Dusty Rich solo exhibition will be announced soon. Keep your peepers peeping.