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A unique art class by a comedian who can paint.

The venue itself is an artwork, on the roof of the iconic Pink Hotel in Coolangatta on a Sunday afternoon.

Dusty Rich artist and comedian will hold an art class like no other. This event is part of the Dusty Rich "Pest Control" Exhibition held at the Pink Hotel from Friday 8th to 10th November. 


Beers, spray paint and an art lesson.


Venue: Roof top of The Pink Hotel

Date: Sunday 10 November


In this lesson Dusty will cover:

 - Stencil making for multi-valued images.

 - Stencil cutting, and application using temporary gluing.

 - Masking techniques.

 - Using Aerosol Paint effectively and some tips and tricks.

 - Colour theory and using alternative colours for vibrancy.


Participants will be equipped with:

 - Spray Gloves.

 - Spray mask.

 - Stencil making equipment which includes, stencil card, spray glue and cutting implements.

 - Various colour aerosol cans.

 - 40cm X 50cm Canvas

 - Lining paint markers (black and white)

 - Easels


Participants will also take home an aerosol art gift pack created by Dusty Rich.

In the pack:

 - Ironlak Spray Gloves.

 - Spraying mask

 - A selection of Dusty's favorite colour IRONLAK paint cans (5 in total)

 - A selection of different spray nozzles (caps)

 - Stickers from Ironlak and Dusty Rich art. 


Best artwork on the day as voted by the participants will also win an art print from the Dusty Rich "Pest Control" Exhibition valued at $100.


An art class like you've never seen before delivered as you've never seen before. This is no tweed-wearing art connoisseur this is as punk rock 'n roll as Dusty Rich. 

The class will cost ya: $70 cheap!!!!

There are only 10 Spots available, so you'll have to be quick. 

Disclaimer: Subject to weather.